jaunay said: The waybackmachine doesnt have anything either, have you tried looking for the concept artists that worked on the film? you may stumble upon the old work in their gallery.

From what I gathered from the thread, this has very little to do with Harry Potter and more to do with rare HP pairings (i.e. Harry himself and this fine specimen, I suppose).

EDIT: But I did check some of the concept art done for the movies, and I really don’t think this fits with the general style of mythological beasts. They tend to be less… alluring.

Can anyone provide a hi-res and/or give me the name of the artist of this picture? Reverse image search only leads me to some ancient Harry Potter forum where all image links are dead. 

Can anyone provide a hi-res and/or give me the name of the artist of this picture? Reverse image search only leads me to some ancient Harry Potter forum where all image links are dead. 


And we have our winners! (all the paper slips were mixed up before being placed in the tiny bowl, and were then promptly scattered because said bowl was so small) 

I’ve sent along asks to the three of you– looking forward to hearing back and getting to work on some fun illustrations!

Woot-woot! I am  thrilled by this, in addition to being really happy for your brother and his crew. They managed to fund it, but only just, and without your promotion I’m not sure they’d have scraped by. He better get you the best Krampus present ever this year.


Anonymous asked:

I'm having a difficult time with shading and lighting my objects, characters, etc. is there any self-help books or online pages that you know of that are helpful? Thank you


Good question! I would like to redirect you to the last time I answered this as my opinion remains the same. I would also like to add that values/shading go hand in hand with colour theory, most of which is also touched upon in that book.

This article  muses on the colour gray in a way that makes everything seem less mysterious when the author covers some of the science behind colour and how we perceive it (gray in relationship with everything else, in this case).

In addition, try to observe, don’t just look at the world around you. I personally find it very hard to “bypass” how your brain interprets what your eyes take in, and am still largely unable to do so with the exception of isolating colours from the whole — fortunately so, considering it’s doing you a huge favour by freeing you up from thinking about this stuff.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but one trick to isolating colours, is to make a tiny square between your thumbs and index fingers, sort of like a finger frame, only smaller — suddenly what seemed like a brilliant blue against golden hues is more of a slate grey alone. 


A trick to capture realistic shadows is to squint and thus only get the main shapes, the big picture so to speak. It is so very easy to get caught up in the details, but this is a nice way of eliminating these. However, several art folks have told me this is bad form, so, uh, use it with caution, I suppose.

Oh yeah, and don’t be lazy like me, draw from real life and/or reference. Do master studies, and so on. If you have the actual time for it, this is probably one of the fastest ways to learn this stuff.

Best of luck, Anon!



An Afternoon Snack - India ink on bristol board, 2014. 

This was a commission for Tardigrad - I busted out my old inking nibs for this one, and rekindled my old romance with fussy crosshatching. 

I had SUCH FUN with this, and it’s pleasing as heck to make art for someone whose work inspires me as much as it does! GOLLY. 

Y’all need to give this a proper full-view. I also recommend checking out Snooz’ rates if you’re in the market for a kick-ass commission

One of my favourite commissions to date; it just incorporates so much of the things that I enjoy in art, and I do love it when you give the artist some freedom and they return with something better than anything you could’ve imagined.

Mathematician’s answer.

Mathematician’s answer.

Hey, everyone.


So there’s this thing on kickstarter.

The Buffalo Game Space

My brother is one of the founding members, and for the past couple of years they’ve grown as a group and worked on some amazing endeavors together. Check out the link for tons more information on what they’re doing, and what they’re hoping to do. 

Why am I posting here? Well, obviously to get more attention so they can meet their goal. But I should probably sweeten the deal a bit here, since this blog is for my art and art alone. 

So if you reblog this post, I’ll draw a name from the reblogs and do a 5x7” painting of anything the winner wants. Any character, any creature, any landscape, any nsfw stuff, anything.  


And when it’s completed (and dry), I’ll ship it to you. (Yes, even internationally. My bank account will get over it.) And since it’ll be 5x7, you can grab a cheap little frame at a thrift store or a craft store and BAM. Framed artwork. All for you. You don’t even have to be following me (…it’d be cool if you did.) Just reblog this post (likes don’t count), and once the kickstarter is over (funded or unfunded) I’ll pull a name from a hat and get in touch! 

If you decide to chip in a few dollars on the kickstarter, you’re extra awesome. You have 26 days.

"Mom and dad, I’m gay" are possibly the most painful words a parent can ever hear.[…]

Express grief with, not anger toward your child! […]parents often experience anger and grief. Both are natural and healthy.

Surely a parent can weep alone, but weeping with the son or daughter is more beneficial than an expression of anger.[…]Express your anger not at your son but at the sin and deception involved in homosexuality.

A son is never too old to be told “I love you!.” If a father says, “I feel uncomfortable expressing my love; I can’t change”, he has unconsciously given his gay son permission to also say, “I can’t change.”

Mothers should model biblical femininity to their daughters[…]

Talk with, not to, your child. Barbara Johnson writes “Secrets are to disease what openness is to healing.”[…] you must create an atmosphere where he could tell you anything and everything and you never blink an eye—unless you are weeping with him.

Homosexuality is a relational issue and thus the great need is healthy, same-sex, non-sexual relationships, both with family and friends. If you ostracize your child, he or she will surely find companionship elsewhere.

Gather prayer warriors around you. Give your child what he desperately needs -undiluted truth, unconditional love and unceasing prayer!

Tim Wilkins

Stumbled upon this article and decided to post some snippets. October is, after all, the best time for spooky stories.


Anonymous asked:

Are you into bestiality?



Er, does this count?



Subject: Sphinxes, natural scenery (no personal caharcters, lots of artistic freedom)
Format: traditional illustration, OR digital/traditional bookmark
Contact: http://twolegsatnoon.com/contact

I’m looking for an artist able to draw or paint (passable) human and animal anatomy in addition to natural environments. The medium in question or whether it’s in colour or monochrome is irrelevant, as long as it’s a traditional and you’re willing to ship the original to Norway. Bookmarks can be done digitally, but must be printed, laminated and then shipped to me.

Send me examples of your traditional media work (digital portfolios will be skipped) + your rates to http://twolegsatnoon.com/contact and I will get back to you if it’s what I am looking for at the moment. I am all for paying the artist what they charge, plus a little more, so don’t worry about the money part.

EDIT: Please, you must be able to draw a human face and environment, if neither are present in your gallery, please include links to both in your message to me. 

Below are a couple of examples of previous commissions that I am still very satisfied with:

Illustration by Guldentusks.

Bookmark by Grandle.

(via tardigrad)


Ikrutt was going on about sphinxes and I was like…DAMN.  Why havent I ever drawn a sphinx they are really cool???  So this is kind of giftart…but mostly thanks for the warmup inspiration, Ikrutt!  

The lightening on her hair and face is really lovely, almost Frazetta-like. I’m of the opinion that the world is a slightly better place with more art of sphixes in it, so I appreciate this (unintentional) bit of philanthropy, as well. Much obliged, Calonarang!


weedshibe asked:

honestly you have the most interesting and awesome looking characters I've had the pleasure of seeing..I hope you'll continue to share your art and stories with everyone online, absolutely love em'



Thank you! I don’t have much time for drawing (for own enjoyement) these days, but after completing my current batch of commissions I’m planning on finishing up the remainder of KFG II and perhaps re-boot my sequel of Heraldic Beasts.

Here are some WIPs of the latter from 2000-and-bloody-11. Two years ago. Bloody hell.

A bashful tyger.

An arrogant alphyn.

And a salamander with a secret.


Anonymous asked:

you know cats already have tits, right?


That’s teats, Anon. Allow me to illustrate the difference:

image Tits—image

Although, perhaps sphinxes have both. What do I know?

Here is vaguley related poem I wrote about this and the general debate on dragons and other mythical beasts’ appearance:

Itty bitty kitty teats?
or bouncy bosom, big and bare?
rewards you for royal feats,
or kills a man with little care?

Egyptian, Persian or even Greek—
does he answers give?
Does she answers seek?

(Pointless, unimportant—
this debate of monsters — a mental tar pit
do I need your approval, or your endorsment
to depict this critter as I see fit?)

Snake for tail, or wings, no wings?
Lion, tiger, panther, lynx?
Do we need these online hijinx?

is the riddle of the sphinx.


Anonymous asked:

what's the appeal of sphynxes?


Dude! What’s not to like? It’s a cat, with tits; two of the Internet’s favourite things rolled into one. A fierce-yet-classy beast of inquiry. Sphinxes da best.